Career Pathway High School | South Carolina Virtual Charter School

Prepare for a Career Before Graduation

South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS) targets a true pathway for each student enrolled combining high academic standards with career and technology (CTE) options to give each student opportunities to best prepare for life after graduation. SCVCS teachers are fully certified, highly qualified, and South Carolina residents. SCVCS teachers utilize a first-class curriculum allowing students to maximize their college and career potential.

The SCVCS College and Career Guidance Model

The SCVCS College and Career Guidance Model provides dedicated counselors who guide their students into appropriate coursework beginning in the 8th grade through graduation. Counselors work with students and their parents to complete an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) annually that will allow them to complete a high school diploma and prepare for the career of their choice. View a sample IGP.

  • Academic courses include all levels of college prep, honors, Advanced Placement®, and dual credit in most core content areas. View or download the full list of SCVCS Course Offerings. SCVCS supplements a rich academic curriculum with additional courses available through colleges and VirtualSC.
  • Four Career Clusters are available through the courses offered at SCVCS. Career courses include many business courses, health science, law enforcement, computer technology, and more. With the abundance of career course offerings, all taught by South Carolina certified teachers, all students are able to target a career pathway of their choosing. View a list of SCVCS Career Clusters. SCVCS provides additional career courses through VirtualSC.

    Midlands Education & Business Alliance provides information on each career cluster of study.
  • Dual credit is an opportunity for students to earn college credit for equivalent courses taken in high school, reducing a family's eventual cost of college. SCVCS has developed partnerships with many 2 and 4 year colleges throughout the state to provide students with this opportunity. These opportunities are provided in a structured face-to-face classroom and through online instruction.
  • National Career Readiness Certificate is issued to all students enrolled in their third year of high school after successful completion of the WorkKeys® assessments. The NCRC provides employers a reliable method to verify an individual's employability and work skills.
  • S.C. Occupational Information System (SCOIS) is an electronic database of information about careers, salaries, job requirements, educational options, scholarships, and more.